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Lonestar Park is the home for Urban Racing’s grass-roots driving events that are perfect for beginners and amateurs looking to take their driving to the next level. Our non-tandem events are set up with safety of drivers and vehicles at the forefront.

Come hone your skills on our 90,000 sq. ft. skid pad and take advantage of professional trainers. Then bring it all together and rip it around the Freedom Course to show us what you have learned!

Driver & Passenger Tech Requirements

Event Info


 16+ only - full face helmet on at all times on course - waivers must be signed upon entry   

Full face helmet - all lug nuts installed - battery tied down - seatbelts secure - no leaks - exhaust required - roll cages are not required unless your car is a convertible (factory roll-bars and roll-over safety systems are acceptable)
Tandem runs are not allowed at Lone Star Park.  Admission for the Training Track is separate from the Freedom Course.  

If you prove yourself on the Training Track you may upgrade to the Freedom Course Be prepared to pay for the upgrade with cash/credit card. 

Participants can pay at the gate, but spots are limited. Get your tickets before they run out!
Cage required?
  • No. Convertibles must have a rollbar.
Tandem runs?
  • Not allowed at Lone Star Park
What If I buy Training Track admission and want to level up to the Freedom Track?
  • This will be allowed under Staff permission if you prove yourself. Be prepared to pay for the upgrade with cash/credit card.
Can I pay at the gate?
  • Yes, but we reserve the right to cap admission prior to the day of depending on driver demand. BUY YOUR TICKETS SOONER SO YOU RESERVE YOUR SPOT!
Are passengers allowed?
  • Yes, they must be over 16 and wear a full face helmet.

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